on international women’s day i had a cis woman tell me that i was “waging war on women” & to “wait until June for our month.” this speaks volumes to the depths of heteronormativity & transmisogyny inherent in the (cis) women’s movement.

Black & brown trans feminine people are foundational to feminism. & now you are implying that we are attacking you for reclaiming our seat at the table? let’s be very clear your inclusive & intersectional feminism (theory coined by black feminist Kimberle Crenshaw) is inviting us to a table that TGNC people built for you. we are not saying that you cannot be women, what we are saying is that framing your identity and struggle through the gender & sex binary is misogyny.

what we are saying is that building a politics off of dividing billions of people into two essential categories is ironically oppressing yourself: it requires erasing differences within the category of woman itself & it exaggerates & overstates differences between men & women (often using myopic stereotypes masquerading as science or common sense).

this is not a new argument: cis Women of color (& esp Black, indigenous, and Third World women) have long protested the universal category of “woman” arguing that racial & geographic difference gets glossed over & that often times they have more in common with cis men of color than cis white women. but with the current moment of white feminist performance art “forgetting” it seems like these literally decades of feminist thought & action are being erased to once again re-entrench white cis het women as the face of the women’s movement.