the other day i posted a photo of myself with a caption saying that nonbinary people are real. today i woke up to hundreds of hateful comments telling me to die, that i have a disorder, and that i want to be a victim.

this is how transmisogyny against nonbinary & gender non-conforming people works: on the one hand they say that we “want to be a victim” and with the other hand they beat us. on the one hand they make up gender binaries & norms and with the other accuse us of being fake. on the one hand they call us sensitive slowfakes & then with the other threaten to kill us. on the one hand they call us threats and with the other assault us.

all of this comes from having the audacity to exist! literally being told that we should be murdered simply for saying “i am real!” we are already always guilty. we don’t have to do anything, our appearance is weaponized by their projections & repressions. this is how patriarchy & fascism have always worked: scapegoating an extremely vulnerable minority for social/political/economic problems, manipulating discourse to render the people being attacked into being the attacker’s themselves, aggrandizing perceptions of our presence/power/authority to obfuscate our lived realities of violence.

it is important to recognize that these people are not “trolls,” they are not “a few bad apples,” they are not “extreme,” they are painfully normal, and ruthlessly honest. this is what the majority of people think of us: that we are interchangeably frauds, mistakes, threats, cry babies. this is why hundreds of anti-trans legislations are being introduced with little moral outcry. this is why the trump administration continues to repeal protections for trans people with no resistance. this is why harassment, physical/sexual violence against trans & gender non-conforming people continues to escalate with little to no resources or support to combat it (let alone survive under it).

imagine if tomorrow cis “men” & “women” were told that they were making it up, that they should be killed for being visible. imagine the outrage. now remember that this is what they do to us every day. all for having the audacity to exist.

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