things to say to femmes after we tell you about being harassed that are not “you are beautiful”

1) i am sorry that this world punishes you for existing.
2) this is unjust & unacceptable.
3) i will fight for you.
4) what support can i provide you with right now?
5) here is what i can do right now:
6) i will do my best to combat (trans)misogyny everywhere
7) this is not your fault
8) this is not about your appearance, it’s about their hatred.
9) you do not have to endure this alone.
10) how are you getting to your next destination? can i support you in getting there?
11) i will try my best to make you feel safe.
12) i am here to vent, cry, process, strategize, hold you.
13) you shouldn’t have to change what you look like in order to be safe.
14) you are so much more than your body.
15) you are so much more than your body.

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