there is no such thing as “fake trans” or not being trans “enough.”

gender is not necessarily what we look like, it is so much more expansive than our appearance. there are infinite ways to be & your narrative and body belong to you. harassment, discrimination, and violence are very real so no one has the right to judge you for the decisions you make regarding visibility & safety.

you do not have to take hormones, have surgery, change your name in order for your identity to be legitimate. you do not always have to have known, you do not have to dress a certain way, you do not have to wear makeup (or not wear makeup).

there is no one way to transition, there is just your way!

clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair, pronouns, names should mean what you want them to mean, not what other people say. you are allowed to be confused, you don’t always have to have known. you can change your mind, your identity, your pronouns any time you feel like it.

i love & admire how complex you are & how you contain multitudes. you do not have to downplay your masculinity for your femininity to be legitimate; you do not have to compromise your femininity for your masculinity to be legitimate.

you are not a fad, trend, or aesthetic. there have always been people like us. you are not an imposter, joke, or prop. you are not a delusion, burden, or mistake. you are not a problem — the gender binary is. you are not a joke — gender norms are. you deserve people in your life who experience you for you & respect you for your entirety.

you are the way you are & that’s enough! 

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