1) rediscover symphony in the silence. solitude is not loneliness.
2) insist on reciprocity. leave when unrequited. (even when it hurts).
3) your heart is infinite, but your body is not. this is not a limitation, it is a gift.
4) in a world hellbent on destruction, do not just critique. create! create! create!
5) respect/love/affirm/celebrate/desire/defend femininity.
6) resist rhetorical inclusion. dream beyond binaries. assert your multitudes.
7) need everyone harder. there are no strangers, just potential friends.
8) recognize your worth and your pain beyond their ability to be aestheticized.
9) apocalypse is not inevitable. fight for the people that you are and the people that you love.
10) their ugly is your beauty. their messy is your magnificent. their broken is your becoming.
11) grieve it all. everything deserves a funeral.

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