i am constantly devastated by a world where the things that are most dear and important to us are the things we cannot talk about in public, where healing isn’t something we have space to do collectively, where people care more about our personal brands than our real lives! i always forget to drink enough water and take my vitamins and protect my boundaries and i have always needed other people’s help to keep myself alive which goes to say i am so hurt by a world that believes in individuals as if we can do any of this alone. i believe we are all constellations of stories, i believe that when you want to scream and you aren’t allowed to the scream doesn’t go away it eats you inside, i believe that almost everyone i have ever met is lonely, sad, and feels undesirable and most of all i believe that’s not our fault! most of the time it feels like i’m drowning surrounded by people who have perfected the art of erasing themselves for other people’s comfort and there are so few moments when i am allowed to be expansive and weird and...me! and i believe one of the most important things we can do right now is bear witness to one another’s pain and give permission to one another to experiment, transgress, become. and i want to spend the rest of my life doing that work: for myself and for you, for us.

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