the failure of cis feminism is not just its failure to be "inclusive" of trans people.

it's not just that cis feminism has been unable (and indeed, unwilling) to embrace trans and gender variant people, it's that cis feminism has been actively harmful and detrimental to the lives and safety of trans and gender variant people.

take for example cis feminism's obsession with the reductive idea that "male socialization = privilege." inherent in this logic is the presumption that patriarchy is 1) the same thing as male supremacy and 2) only exercised by men against women.

what i, and many other transfeminine people can tell you, is that my experiences with "male socialization" was actually about school/community/state-sanctioned harassment, surveillance, and verbal and physical violence because i was gender non-conforming and didn't fit into the stable category of "male." i not only experienced harassment from cis men, but also from cis women who joined forces with them to demean me for my queerness and gender non-conformity.

cis feminism provides no ideological framework to understand these situations, let alone strategize about what safety for people like me looks like. in fact, cis feminism often manipulates us to doubt our own experiences of harassment because they don't align with its exclusionary paradigms.

i can't tell you how many queer men, how many gender non-conforming people, how many transfeminine people i have spoken with who experienced routine gender based violence while (and perhaps from) being "male socialized." many of these people have never been given permission to give legitimacy to these experiences of injury and hurt because they felt like they were not significant or even *real* because they are not cis women.

i dream of femme-inist worlds and futures and pasts where everyone (regardless of their gender identification) can be understood as a victim of a profoundly (trans)misogynist, gender binarist, and patriarchal world -- where we can understand these things as systems that we are all indoctrinated in and produced through, where we can move away from talking about "male socialization" to talking about "misogyny socialization," and how we are capable of doing patriarchal harm to one another and how the task then is how we create/remember new/old/different ways of relating, treating, caring, and laboring for one another.

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