cis women. an earnest plea:

when transfeminine people share our experiences of harassment and violence with you, please do not respond with some variation of the following:

"welcome to femininity!"
"what did you expect?"
"welcome to being a woman!
"did you think being a woman would be easy?"

trans women and transfeminine people ARE women/femmes. we did not *become* women/femmes. our identities and experiences should not be gate-kept from us.

part of the way transmisogyny operates is a thorough and systematic infantilization of trans people -- so much that we face constant condescension about "how things really are," as if we lack experience and intelligence ourselves. instead of responding with support and solidarity, cis women often use our narrations of harassment to re-entrench a hierarchy that positions cis womanhood above trans and gender non-conforming experiences.

femininity, womanhood, and experiences of gender based violence do not belong to cis women.

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