another day, another instance of my photo and representation being used without my consent for memes to ridicule me & gender non-conforming people and advance horribly racist messages. 

just a reminder that these days participating on the internet as an openly gender non-conforming trans femme person means knowing that inevitably your likeness is going to be used for foolishness like this -- means constantly being reminded that you lack the basic power of ownership of your own body. 

seriously folks this is what trans femmes are fighting for: the basic ownership of our bodies from your fantasies, nightmares, and projections. how are we even supposed to talk about the issues we face when you don't even permit us that? 

please hug and fight for all the trans femmes of color in your never know what their inboxes look like, you never know the ways in which they experience violence at the most intimate and pervasive levels. 

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