hello @ world just a gentle reminder that i use gender neutral pronouns no matter what i look like (even if you think i "look like a man" cause of racism & transmisogyny lol). 

just a reminder that gender is who we are not what we look like. 

just a reminder that we were born & indoctrinated in societies who recruited us into gender binary ways of doing and thinking cause of capitalism, colonialism, and other rly mean stuff and part of the way we challenge that is by checking in with people about how they want to be addressed. 

just a reminder that 'they' can be used a singular pronoun, but also btw i like it as a plural pronoun because it reminds me (and maybe you!) that i am part of something bigger than myself -- a long legacy of people living and dreaming outside of gender. 

just a reminder that i don't think gender neutral pronouns are *who i am* they are just what i use to show *who i am not* because ideally i'd like to live in a world where gender wasn't relevant to your perception of my being at all, lol. 

ok anyways ttyl have a good day cool thanks x

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