in 2003 the united states department of homeland security (DHS) issued an advisory warning that "male bombers may dress as females in order to discourage scrutiny" and subsequently countless Black & brown trans and gender non-conforming people were assaulted, stripped, and violated at borders and airports across the country.

while this specific language/policy has been repealed this ideology remains ingrained in the cultural imagination: that (racialized) trans (femme) people are masquerading as something we are not in order to *invade* america to corrupt and terrorize.

part of the way transmisogyny operates is the manipulation of our appearance to fuel racial, gender, and sexual panic which is then used to justify state control. trans people (and especially transfeminine people) are reduced to props, metaphors, and symbols for political agendas, fantasies, and nightmares that we never consented to.

violence against trans people is not just gender based violence it is nationalist violence. transfeminine people are uniquely vulnerable to racism, islamophobia, and xenophobia but our experiences navigating these systems are erased because they do not align with dominant gender binary understandings of what racial violence looks like.

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