with the trump administration's withdrawal of federal protections for trans students and the swift and widespread #ProtectTransKids response many non-trans people have expressed their solidarity with their "transgender brothers and sisters."

this is a well intentioned gesture of inclusivity that relies on the continued exclusion of nonbinary and gender variant people.

transgender people are not just "men" or "women," "ladies" or "gentleman," "brothers," or "sisters." many of us live and navigate the world outside of the gender binary.

this is not an isolated instance: "LGBT" inclusivity often relies on and further perpetuates the denial of nonbinary and gender variant people. this is not just about semantics, it's about real experiences of violence. it is important to name, recognize, and strategize around the fact that it is often nonbinary and gender variant people who experience the brunt of anti-trans discriminatory policies (often because we may be the most visible).

the question remains: will solidarity with trans people move beyond facile expressions of support toward serious engagement with actual trans politics and experiences?

it is time to fight with transgender "people" not just transgender "brothers and sisters."

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