been hurting from the wave of anti-trans laws that are springing up across the country barring trans & gender non-conforming people from using restrooms & institutions & quite honestly “the public.”

what is important to remember is gender policing is part of a bigger strategy of establishing who is beautiful, who is desirable, who is worthy, who is allowed to be “seen” (and conversely who must be disappeared, who must be made forbidden). let’s be clear trans & GNC people aren‘t being shut out because we are “undesirable,” but precisely because we are desirable. so desirable in fact that they have to erect hundreds of bills and statutes to keep us in private, to regulate our mobility, to keep us at bay. so desirable that they are uncomfortable sharing space with us, peeing next to us, even washing their hands next to us. so desirable that they cannot seem to stop obsessing about our genitalia, our bodies, our fashion.

the impulse to reject, to dismiss, to expel comes from the shame & insecurity about that very desire. repression breeds resistance. disgust is another form of attachment.

so for me it feels like the project isn’t actually about *making* gender non-conformity beautiful, it’s about recognizing that they already see our beauty & that’s why they hurt us. it’s about recognizing that this movement isn’t about *empowering* trans people, but rather empowering non-trans people to catch up with the way we have already understood the world and all its complicatedness. it’s not necessarily only trans & GNC people who need to “transition,” it is non trans people themselves who need to transition out of their repression, their shame, their hurt. it is non trans people who need to find beauty and confidence in themselves and their own genders.

calling this a trans issue is a misnomer. this isn’t about us, this is about you.

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