gender non-conforming babes:

last night when i was getting ready before my show in a bathroom -- one of those places that they don't want us to be because they are afraid of their desire for us and mistake it as disgust -- and i was looking at myself and experiencing what they call dissonance (hair/femme, lipstick/beard, dress/'man') as congruence. & i started to realize that the more I have begun to celebrate my own gender non-conformity the more i have come to desire it in others. 

i just want to let you know that i think you're beautiful not despite the fact that you defy gender norms, but precisely because of it. that your beauty comes from a deeply spiritual place -- i see the ways in which you are dictating your own rules, your own sense of being in a world that requires you to fit in. i know they say that we are ugly but let us never forget the ugliness in a soul that can look at people like us and mistake success as failure. 

i dream of a day when other people don't define their entire selves on the rejection of people like us. don't believe in identities like gay or lesbian or straight that exclude people like us. don't pretend that they don't want to be with us. i dream of a day when we can celebrate the gender non-conformity in both ourselves and everyone around us -- what a simple gesture, what a profound mandate to create spaces and agendas that don't just call for the end of policing, but the beginning of prioritizing. 

i start with you: finding beauty in you. xx

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