white supremacy & nationalism are upheld by the gender binary & rely on and worsen brutality against trans women & femmes. there will be an intense spike in harassment & violence by those who feel newly enabled in their hatred. despite what the white cis feminist pageantry of these past few months would have you believe, the sexism that has been glorified & emboldened throughout this election has and continues to disproportionately harm trans women & femmes. i am so terrified for the safety of my trans and gender non-conforming sisters & siblings (especially those who are Black, latinx, & people of color) in a political economy that only views us as villains and not victims. we are often the most visible in public and the most invisible in our pain. please do everything in your power to keep them/us safe. please fight like hell for them/us. i understand that you were for "her," but are you for us? 

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