To the man who said,
"You better get the fuck away from me or else!"
today on W15 street

I wonder if your request for space was to make explicit
the distance between who you pretend to be and who you actually are.

I worry about the toll this disconnect is having on you:
it is hard to live in a world where our most intimate desires are the ones we are told to repress.

I spent the rest of the day filling in the rest of the sentence for you:
"or else I will kiss you,
or else I will cry on your shoulder,
or else I will have to stop lying to myself."

I am sorry that you have been made to fear something as simple as want. 

I, too, am afraid of the things I want to the point of need.

The truth is I needed you to finish the sentence.

I needed to know. 

I need you to understand:
you were a stranger on the street but in that moment
you were every person in my life who wanted to love me
but ended up hurting me instead.

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