This international women's working day lets commit ourselves to remembering and organizing around the fact that one does not have to be a cis woman to experience sexism and misogyny. Let's commit ourselves to remembering that *womanhood* should not be a pre-requisite to feminism because it is not a pre-requisite to gender based violence and discrimination. Let's commit ourselves to use inclusive political language to hold the multilayered experiences of trans people -- and especially trans workers -- who are often excluded from feminism as it has become institutionalized by cis white womanhood.

The distinction between *femme* and *woman* is not just one of semantics, it's one of praxis on the ground. Centering trans feminine people is our organizing work is not about being politically correct, it's about recognizing and responding to how patriarchy disproportionately regulates and punishes us. Indeed, it is only until feminist and workers' movements seriously address transmisogyny that we can hope for meaningful change.

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