Transmisogyny looks like knowing you have to be *fabulous* otherwise you will be misgendered (or worse). Transmisogyny looks like having to always be impeccable, happy, witty, and positive (otherwise you are just taking up too much space). Transmisogyny means being street harassed dozens of time on the way to your poetry shows. Means being called a freak, an it, an object. Means being gawked at and photographed without your consent. Means constant fear from men, women, and children. Transmisogyny looks like not being able to talk about it. You are only invited to entertain. Transmisogyny looks like your gender being entertainment. It looks like people applauding you on a stage and looking past you when you're being harassed on the street. It looks like always being complimented for your aesthetics and never your politics or your intellect (read: how could one of those 'things' look better than me). Transmisogyny looks like performing poem after poem about how you are not a boy, how you were never a boy, how you are terrified of boys. Transmisogyny looks like your audience and the people who book you calling you a man and using "he" pronouns after your show (still). Transmisogyny means never being believed because your gender is always already performative. Transmisogyny looks like the only people you can talk to about any of this is other trans femmes because no one else believes you. Transmisogyny looks like posting a photo of your cute outfit (read: armor) and not telling the story of the body behind it: the rapid heart beat, the dysphoria, the panic, the fear, the perpetual inadequacy. 

Transmisogyny looks like: 


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