just want to take a moment to affirm FEMME RAGE. Not only are women and femmes (cis and trans) expected to endure relentless violence, we are expected to remain silent about it. If we dare even name our pain we are demonized, punished, and ridiculed. Misogyny -- and especially transmisogyny -- looks like expecting women and femmes to consistently be peaceful and accommodating and stay in our place even when our bodies are under attack. It looks like our constant and routinized infantalization as if we are always having a temper tantrum and not expressing legitimate critique.  We are required to defer to the establishment -- as if objectivity is not patriarchal, as if leadership is not patriarchal, as if the status quo is not patriarchal.

Under cispatriarchy, naming a fact as simple as "I am hurt," becomes weaponized as if we are the ones with malevolent intent. This cycle of punishing women and femmes for speaking out continues because we so often participate in one another's oppression. Men and masculine people are too lazy to do the labor of patriarchy so they expect us to do it for them by silencing one another.

No longer! Shout to all of the women and femmes who are out here speaking truth to power and claiming space and being called ungrateful because of it! Your rage is beautiful, necessary, immediate, and transformative. Your rage is ancestral, healing, and a site of profound knowledge. Your rage is what has and continues to propel any actual movement for social justice. Thank you <3

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