this just in:
june 26, 2013
thousands take to the streets
in cities across the united state of illusion
holding hearts like lottery cards, “ they chose me!!!”
uncle sam comes out of the closet as a drag queen:

hordes of american apparel oxford loafers answer his call in fits of patriotism!!!
step on brown bodies trying to exchange eviction notices for votes (voting rights act)
step on brown bodies on their way to university (affirmative action)
step on brown bodies, you can’t adopt cause america is your family (indian child welfare act)
step on brown bodies, call it equality (human rights campaign)
step on brown bodies, don’t you see, we’re the real minority?

they are holding flags like they did in vietnam
like they do in iraq, tell us it is for the love of democracy
because this time they are giving hand jobs
and not massaging rifles all over our faces
 “how far can you shoot
today america?”
“does blood work like
lube america?”

recent reports suggest that several neighborhoods
are being closed for impending ‘pride’ marches
when soldiers take annual vacation from suit and tie
step out of their apartments that they
call home after kicking out the natives
then employ them to clean the shit from their toilets, 
pass their card to the neighbors
“ this one’s not homophobic”
you can trust them
(to not be angry enough
because we will not let them go to school
because we will not let them vote
because we will not let them be
equal like us)

on the streets they
wear ‘tanks,’ equal signs, 
and matching white privilege
hold signs that say, “today i’m proud to be an american”
and so is obama, says the press release
recorded as he slipped past proposition for 8 million to wall street
and sent a drone to pakistan for good measure, let’s call it fireworks
on the fourth of denial

kills a few children, but at least they’re not gay so
they can’t be proud, so we are allowed to do this
because we are a democracy, don’t you see we
accept gay people, don’t you want to be us?

but we will deport you if you try
or we will throw you in prison, or call you a terrorist
assata shakur your ass, and then steal your struggle
and call it ‘swagger’ or ‘ratchet’ for our pride party debut
and employ you to clean up our vomit from the bathroom stalls
as we conceal our throbbing dicks in suits and suck SCOTUS
and the Right Wingers under their desks in Congress
so they keep telling us we are worthy
of their wedding invitations
to empire.

just remember:
you no longer
have the right
to remain silent

(miranda rights)

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