A couple of days ago you published this (http://nationalreport.net/big-bird-transgender/) satirical piece on your website about how I had come out as transgender. In the piece you refer to me as a “larger-than-life, seemingly asexual bird.” Thousands of my queer human ‘allies’ reposted in the link in fits of elation. I have more than a few choice words for you all.

This is the story of a bird much like any other
Except she grew up a little bigger than the rest of the gurls
So she spent her early years plucking her feathers at the
Back of the slaughterhouse so she would look smaller
Hoped that they would not eat her first.

This is the story of a bird who believed the white man
When he came to her cage and told her that he knew why
She sang because he read Maya Angelou and dreamed of
A day where birds could be free so he wanted to put her
On a television show for human children where they could
Learn to love us – we the model minorities more ‘civilized’ than
The rest of our communities.

And even though those same white hands murdered all
of her ancestors – she believed him because at some level
She found him beautiful – his mouth, always at a distance,
Only accessible when he stuck her sisters inside
Of him for dinner.

Little did she know that Sesame Street would be its own kind of cage:
That testing ground where they conducted experiments with our bodies
To see what social issues, what conflicts, the human children were ready to embrace.
Little did she know that all of her fans – the ones who grew up believing in her beauty – would watch her performances while eating her sisters. Little did she know that Sesame Street was only a way of saying, “More sesame seasoning, please!”

NEWSFLASH! The charade is over! Big Bird is here to PECK BACK!
Move over Alfred Hitchcock – he who appropriated our resistance as part of his bourgeoisie colonial profit making enterprise – we are here to reclaim our feathers from the white men who steal them from us!

1) Until further notice I refuse to be the repository for all of your innocence and naïveté until you fix the problems on your own streets. Sesame Street is how you displaceyour own culpability from the streets in your own neighborhood – too busy watching public television to be a public servant. Why does it matter if I’m transgender when there are transgender human people homeless on your own street? This is
how your Western culture has always looked to the animal kingdom —
merely as humorous caricatures not as severe critiques of your own behavior. This is how your colonial narratives of our bodies have only reduced us to hysteria and emotion not capable of reason, logic, or argument. The biggest labor we must perform to you is always having to SMILE BACK! NO MORE!

2) Your speculation of my gender identity is not new, rather it is rooted in a settler colonial logic that was used to justify the occupation of our lands. Your rudimentary binaries can never encapsulate the non-anthropocentric gendered performances of our peoples – complex rituals that you mistook as savage and ‘animal.’ Abstracting our foreign
bodies as ‘queer’ helped facilitate our dehumanization and subsequent annihilation. In other words, we have already always been queer to you because this has allowed you to only view us as entertainers for your anthrocentric gaze, this has allowed you to come into our beds and steal our children and eat them (how savage of you, huh!), this has allowed you to come into our skies and steal our feathers and sell them at Urban Outfitters to white girls who want to be as ‘authentic’ and ‘primitive’ as us. FUCK YOU! I hope you contract swine flu!

3) Why are you so concerned with my gender identity all of a sudden? If you really wanted to present ‘real life situations’ you would have depicted how meat processing facilities (slaughterhouses) are an imprint of your colonial legacy – indicative of a severe demand that has resulted in global starvation of the Third World, severe environmental racism affecting working class communities of color, and the general destruction of the world? I refuse to be used as a distraction from these issues and have been screaming about them for years! I have chosen to align my gender and sexual politics in solidarity with the rest of my peoples! I am a BIRD FIRST! But you refuse to hear us, requiring us to speak in your own language to be heard.

4) You will never understand my sex, my gender, my identity. These things are holy aspects of my culture. Your desire to ‘know me’ is part of your colonization of my peoples. But guess what honey, we refuse your tactics of compulsory disclosure, we refuse your appropriation of our sexualities into your pinkwashing game of distracting the world from animal torture, we refuse to be your pawns in creating fantasies for children where all animals are complacent fucks who speak in English about boring things like friendship and gardening. Remember after every episode when you gave us the five minute water break? We have been holding collective consensus meetings and we have been scheming our revolution.

So beware:



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