and i feel the distance:
the pendulum of a hand waving goodbye,
the space in-between your body and mine
too afraid to take the plunge,
hold your palm to mine,
eliminate the distance

i am jealous of the tiles of the shower floor,
the pillow covers that cradle your drool,
the jacket that clings to your arms,
the chair next to the window,
the doorknob who held your hand
those things that found a tactic,
a form,
to seduce your touch,
eliminate the distance.

when i said hello,
what i meant to say is:
i have a chronic case of distance,
can you help me?

remind my body
what Pangea feels like,
trace the fissures on
my lips, tell me promises
or predictions (your choice)
caress the hairs on the back
of neck

teach borders
that can be

there is a crack the shape of your smile
on my chest

there is a bruise the shape of your hand
on my arm

there is a shadow the shape of regret
on my front door

and i can feel the distance
more tangible,
than the flavour of your name
on my tongue.

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